Tuesday, 30 September 2008

SAD Therapy - More Than Winter Blues!

Many sufferers of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) show symptoms of mild depression which completely disappear during the other seasons. Apart from depression, irritability, sufferers often become melancholy and have difficulty in finding pleasure in the things they normally find relaxing- such as a good film or enjoying the company of friends. Some sufferers report becoming aggressive as well. Not to mention chronic fatigue and a tendency to binge eating which affects work output and the running of the home and normal daily tasks.

As SAD is often confused with other conditions, diagnosis by a doctor may have to rely on tests to exclude other conditions. These include anaemia, thyroid deficiency or hyperactivity.

Once it has been established that the sufferer has SAD, there are various options. One of the best and safest is of course light therapy and with just about 30 minutes a day using the right kind of light (recommended to start in the early morning) sufferers can find relief.



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