Friday, 18 January 2008

Prostate Cancer In Men

Worried about prostate cancer ? Or just simply worried about prostate health? Soon, you could get your hands on a self diagnostic kit for just about $300 and do it yourself ! This has been developed by researchers at the Wake Forest University.

This raises several questions. Could this screening lead to all sorts of problems? Very often prostate cancer grows so slowly that it is better left in situ. Surgery sometimes leads to problems of incontinence and or impotence. However this test will not tell whether men have a more aggressive cancer. Factors which determine a man's chances of getting cancer are family history but also the combinations of minor variations in some regions of the DNA.

Too much screening leading to too much treatment ? This is just one of the problems facing urologists. On the other hand, early screening in younger men (say around 35) could lead to more careful screening in later life and avoid many of the problems that men over 50 now face.


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vijay said...

Diagnostic kit for healthy prostate for the cost of $300 is vary interesting news.I think for keeping healthy prostate health it could be very effective.So i would like to suggest all the men to try this for your Prostate Health.