Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Is Sleep the Key To Obesity?

Research just published shows that children who get a good night's sleep are LESS likely to end up with layers of fat, ie. obese ! Actually this evidence has also been found in adults and the reason is apparently that you
trigger off a hormonal imbalance which causes an increase in appetite when you do not get a really good night's rest.

When they studied the kids (about 800 from 10 different US cities)they found that only about 11% of the ones who had about 11 or 12 hours sleep, were likely to be obese by the age of 11. The ones who had less than 9 hours sleep were more likely to get fat - 22% by the age of 11.

The reasons for this are not at all clear. But the weight of the parents and their parenting techniques was not taken into account and when they are obese, this could well influence the child negatively. Another reason may be that tired children will not go out and play and therefore stay at home and inevitably eat more snacks and burn fewer calories.

What to do with kids who don't want to go to sleep?. Taking all the electronic gadgets such as playstations, TVs and computers OUT OF THEIR BEDROOMS would be a great start. For advice with problem kids, ,
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