Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from lower back pain, here are some tips:-

1. Exercise rather than bed rest is by far the best solution, if you are not in too much pain.

2. Inactivity after an acute attack will only make things worse. Get moving as soon as you can.

3. The back muscles have to be kept in top shape so that they support your back.
Flabby muscles will not give you the support you need and may well cause a sudden injury if you make a brusque movement.

4. No sprawling on the couch or other couch potato habits. The back needs support.

5. Try postural stretching exercises - the examples on the video are a great way to start.

6. Avoid standing for long periods, keep a good posture and use safe techniques for lifting heavy objects.

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