Saturday, 20 October 2007

Too Much Salt !

"Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" sang Mary Poppins. But she never mentioned all the salt we eat! Actually we just need the equivalent of a spoonful of salt every day in our diets. But if you go to a fast food joint (Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Beef Burger, KFC), you and you kids are more than likely to get a massive dose of salt. Researchers and consumer groups are on the warpath in the UK where they claim that just one meal from Pizza Hut contains FOUR times the daily limit for a six year old! If the kids go on at that rate, they are more than likely to have heart problems and high blood pressure in adult life. Not much of a treat for a kid!

In spite of recommendations about salt intake which were issued way back in 2004, it still seems that salt is being used more than generously by the fast food chains. They, in turn claim that they have reduced the amount of salt they are using in their meals. McDonalds claim that they no longer use salt in their French Fries and that it is up to the customer to add it or not.

Recommended salt consumption for an adult is about 5 grms. But if you go to Pizza Hut and ask for the Meat Feast Italian which includes meat feast pizza, potato wedges and cheesecake, then you are going to get a massive 9.7 grams of salt !

If you are worried about your salt intake and sugar intake, you can get some great ideas from the site below:-

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Nicolas Ervin said...

I think salt is an underrated seasoning. But too much of it is harmful. Salt intake should be properly moderated in order to keep our bodies hydrated.

-Nicolas Ervin