Thursday, 4 October 2007

Europeans Less Obese Than Americans

Why do you think that Europeans have a lower obesity rate than Americans ? A friend of mine, just back from the States, could not get over the fact that there are food outlets everywhere you go ! The smell of food is everywhere - that was the reason he said why there are so many obese people around.

First the bad news. Fat is not beautiful. Obesity now is one of the major reasons why chronic illnesses are spiking in the US. The cost in health care is enormous as illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes eat up (pardon the pun, lol!) up to 150 billion dollars in health care.
Of all of the chronic diseases the over fifties featured prominently.

Now, the good news - that is if you live in Europe. The Europeans are much healthier and just not as fat. The obesity rate among Americans is 33 percent, compared with 17 percent in 10 western European nations according to researchers at Emory university. That is evident when you land at a European airport but also the health care bills are about 50% less than the American one. Up to 100 billion dollars could be saved on health bills in the USA if people were less obese.

I firmly believe that the Europeans have a head start over the Americans when it comes to their diet and I am talking here about the Mediterranean Diet.

People who believe their health may be at risk due to a stressful lifestyle, burnout, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, faulty dietary habits need to take action. You will find all the information you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet in the link below to help you live a healthy slim life!

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