Saturday, 8 September 2007

Additives In Kids' Food

What have E102, E104, E110 all got in common ? They are all food additives, preservatives or food colourings used in the food we give our kids! So what ? Well, in the latest study organised by the British Food Agency and published in the Lancet, has revealed that research shows that these colourings and additives in our kids’ food tends to exacerbate their levels of hyperactivity. That can lead to certain disorders such as inattention, impulsivity. These additives are used in snack bars, fizzy drinks,(sodium benzoate), sauces and even yogurts. Very simply the implications are that if parents note an increase in hyperactivity when they have been fed with fizzy drinks and snacks, then they should try and change their kids’ diet. It may well be that some children are very sensitive to certain food additives, just like adults can be very sensitive to caffeine.

Should warnings be put on certain food packaging? Is it fair to have kids eating things which are different from their peers and therefore causing problems which will have a social impact . This research is at the beginning and experts have stressed that the whole question needs further research and exploration.

If you are concerned however about whether your child has a behavioural disorder such as ADHD or GAD, the site below will offer you lots of good advice and help.

For the full article on food additives, follow this link :-

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