Monday, 3 September 2007

Uninsured Americans In Cancer Risk

Did you know that 47 million Americans are going without health insurance? What does this mean in real terms? With the age of Internet technology, and online shopping, uninsured Americans are turning to the Web as a cost effective method for obtaining prescription medications when unable to purchase an expensive prescription drug at a local pharmacy. In addition ,uninsured Americans are more likely to delay seeking care and are more likely to die from lack of health care.

Latest analysis shows that 14 million uninsured Americans are eligible – but not enrolled in – the government-sponsored plans, SCHIP and Medicaid. The vast majority of uninsured Americans are children. Kentucky is one of the sickest states in the Union.

Health care cost and coverage solutions should preserve the employer-based system, not replace it. Health care is a complex subject, there are many stakeholders in the issue: the health care system, steady growth in the number of uninsured Americans, rising health care costs and premiums, wide variation in the quality and cost of care, and inefficiencies in the delivery and administration of care. Health coverage proposals should make sure they benefit people who need health insurance the most(i.e. Healthy groups would join AHPs because they could lower their costs by avoiding state benefit requirements and by avoiding most state rate-setting provisions (which make premiums more stable and affordable for groups with less healthy people).

The American Cancer Society has announced that it is dedicating most of its funds to beating cancer by focussing on the uninsured.
It is convinced that the uninsured are less likely to seek screening and preventive care and therefore this could be the biggest killer of all – indifference and lack of screening. They say this could be a bigger killer than tobacco !

Talking of cancer,many people ask if cancer can be prevented. Is there a way of beating cancer, that is making sure it will never even affect us? The case of Chinese people in Hong Kong in succumbing to cancer after the introduction of fast food is well documented in medical research. Find out from a health expert what you should be doing to beat cancer. Visit this link :-

For the full report on uninsured Americans, read the full report here :-

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