Monday, 17 September 2007

Keep A Healthy Heart

Breaking News ! The old stethoscope is about to be made redundant ! Why ? Medics have found that an Mp3 is much more effective. At a recent conference in Stockholm medics reported that the old stethoscope is quite adequate but the doctors listening to those sounds from deep within your body have problems in interpreting them. Have you ever heard your heart ? I did once when a medic connected the stethoscope to a speaker on his computer and my heart sounded like a monster taking a mud bath ! Researchers found that medics have real problems in deciphering all those sounds that are coming from our heart lungs and bronchial tubes and trying to tell if we have a healthy heart. And the arrival of the electronic version did nothing to improve matters. Actually they would have to listen to those sounds 500 times before they could be sure of a diagnosis ! A Canadian researcher Neil Skjodt from Edmonton solved the problem by putting an Mp3 on his patients' chests and the quality of the recording was so much better ! Other researchers listening to those noble sounds confirmed his hunch and were delighted with the quality of the recording. And the great thing is that this recording can be stored and listened to by other doctors in case of a doubtful diagnosis.

Well, whatever the doctor uses to listen to your heart he will ask you ONE question and that will be about your diet. The Mediterranean Diet is famous the world over and researched by prestigious institutions such as the American Heart Foundation and Harvard and has been shown to be a most valuable asset in keeping a healthy heart. As well as some exercise of course!

Look at the photograph above! This is the beach in Italy where I swim from April to November and where I also enjoy a Mediterranean diet . Lucky me !

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