Tuesday, 4 September 2007

How Can I Quit Smoking ?

Breaking news from researchers reveal that smoking increases the risk of dementia so just another reason for trying to quit smoking.

Ask any smoker if he or she has thought about quitting smoking and the answer is bound to be YES! It is a great conversation piece with smokers! They have all been though that experience or at least have made an attempt to kick the habit !

Here are some tips to stop smoking :-

1. Tell everybody you know ! You may want to make a pact so that all your friends know what your goals are and when you hope to achieve them . You could even write it down -a sort of contract.

2. Empty ashtrays often so that you are more aware of lighting up and dirtying a fine piece of crystal. Use a really expensive ashtray at the beginning!

3. Drink plenty of water. The more exercise you get and distractions you can think of, the better.

4. Brush your teeth often- especially straight after meals.

5. Play with a cigarette substitute - either a toothpick or a pen or pencil. You will need something to keep your hands occupied.

6. Use an oral substitute so that your mouth is filled with something - sugarless chewing gum, a carrot or celery.

7.You will experience withdrawal symptoms such as a dry mouth and some irritability but console yourself with the thought that your body has already started to heal itself! Your lungs will start to recover and you will have a keener sense of smell and taste - these are great bonuses!.

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For the full story on smoking and dementia read this article :-


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