Sunday, 12 August 2007

FAQs On Fat Burning

Believe it or not your hated fat is an efficient way to store energy, but it can only be translated back into energy fairly slowly. We tend to store too much of it because we do not exercise often enough and we do not eat frequently enough. Eating three big meals a day just encourages the body metabolism to store the fat in case we need it for a famine! Fat is also burned after the activity, when the body is recovering and growing. So you need a fat burning exercise program.

The best way to burn fat is to exercise and also to burn calories so what is your excuse? Without a doubt the best way to burn fat is to exercise first thing in the morning after you wake up and before eating. The reason for this is that your body has it lowest level of blood sugar or food energy than at any other time in the day due to the fact that you haven’t eaten since the day before. This is so effective that you will burn fat at twice the rate than you would in the afternoon or evening.

One of the myths that needs debunking is that you need to spend hours and hours doing aerobic exercise. Not true! Breaking news from the health researchers have found that if you take a break during workouts- say twenty minutes- then this helps to burn off fat more efficiently so to working out as hard as you can in bursts is good. You do need to get your heart rate up to the necessary level to start using fat for energy but once at the increased heart rate your body instantly starts going into fat burning mode. For most people that takes 10-15 minutes of continuous exercise to get your body into that fat burning machine. So we can see it is a slow-burning fuel which requires oxygen and exercising at lower effort enables the cells to use this energy more efficiently, meaning a greater percentage of fat can be burned, up to 70% of total energy used when exercising aerobically.

All in all the best way to burn fat in the shortest possible time is a mixture of a fat burning exercise program and a quality diet. You need to learn about fat loss foods. You will need a program where the weight comes off and stays off! You know that half the people who start diets quit after six months. The program I recommend below is created by a well known nutritionist and sports specialist and is always nutritionally sound.

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