Thursday, 4 October 2012

Solar Power Home Plans -How Healthy Is Solar Power ?

Is solar energy really practical as regards our health?  The basic answer is yes although that has to be qualified a little bit. However, the basic fact is, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported, there are about 90 million USA citizens who are breathing in air which does NOT even meet the minimum safety standards. They also reckon that there are thirty three areas which are over the smog levels. Now that is scary.

Dirty power 
 Most of this pollution is coming from carbon dioxide emissions as a result of burning fossil fuels, industrial pollution and of course all sorts of toxins and suspended particles. As the normal electricity supply comes mainly from coal burning plants, this type of energy is understandably called ‘dirty power’. 

Solar energy 1,000 times more productive
 Now this is where solar power home plans come into their own.  Just think that solar power can  produce 1,000 times more energy in a year than normal fossil fuels. We are relying on the sun which is the cleanest energy imaginable as there is no mining or processing and there is no problem with disposal and so on. That is why this type of alternative energy is gaining so much popularity all over the world.

Health considerations
 However, a word of caution as regards health. Did you know that most solar panels are probably made in China and that they are contributing to global pollution in that they are not produced ‘cleanly’ because their health and industrial regulations do not bother too much about that.

There is another problem in that many toxic chemicals are used in the panels such as mercury and cadmium.  This means that when they are disposed of they will certainly pollute the atmosphere unless they are securely destroyed or recycled if that is at all possible. 

Have you heard of EHS?
 There is one other health problem which is rarely mentioned. This concerns what is known as EHS which stands for electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Some people are affected by this in that they happen to be extremely sensitive to the high levels of radiation frequency electromagnetic radiation which emanates from these solar panels. But this is relatively rare although the symptoms can be troublesome enough in that they can cause headaches and restlessness. Some people become like that when they enter a building which happens to have solar panels on the roof.

Solar power is the way to go
 Overall though the advantages of solar power home plans outweigh those of traditional sources of power. Solar panels are perfectly safe and there are no indications that they might cause a health hazard except, as I have mentioned in the actual use of toxic materials and in the disposal of them. If modern technology can produce cleaner panels, then this problem will be solved.   

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