Sunday, 1 July 2012

Why Natural Treatments For ADHD Are Superior To Medication.

Medication for ADHD has now reached epidemic proportions and as time goes by, there does not seem to be an alternative form of drug which would be less harmful. That is why more and more parents are now turning to natural treatments for ADHD. They are just safer all round and in many cases are just as effective.

The reason why this has been hidden is an obvious one. The drug companies are powerful lobbies and they know how to protect their interests. It is as simple as that.

Let us look and see why medication of ADHD with these psychostimulant drugs is not the way to go. First, the figures are alarming. I know that figures for Ritalin prescriptions in the US alone can reach the 6 million figure every year, that is six times what it was just ten years ago.  ADHD diagnoses are rising by an average of 4% each year.  On a more anecdotal basis, a pharmacy assistant friend of mine was astounded when she realized how many requests were being presented for both Ritalin and Adderall, two of the most popular ones on the market to-day.

Here are six reasons why these ADHD meds are not the complete answer although they can be very useful in the short term and in some severe cases. The can stop a child from dangerous impulsive actions and also calm them down. But, and it is a very big but, they also come with a wide range of warnings and provisos.

Six reasons to seek an alternative such as natural treatments for ADHD :-
  • the efficacy of the drugs is now questioned and the effects will wear off after three years (Dr. William Pelham, University of Buffalo and University of Florida).
  • there may be a link with cancer ( National Toxicology Program research).
  • there is a definite link with stunted growth and loss of appetite
  • side effects will vary but can be severe and these will include cardiac arrest, hallucinations, suicide and an increase in violent and aggressive behavior.                       
  • the drugs are using methylphenidate which is the same as cocaine and many of the effects are similar to some effects of this street drug
  • treating ADHD with drugs will not teach a child the behavior and life skills he so desperately needs.
 Natural Treatments For ADHD :

  • Supplementing the child’s diet with essential fatty acids or Omega 3 actually can improve ADHD symptoms more effectively than Ritalin. This was the result of a University of Adelaide study.
  • Other dietary experiments at schools have shown that a healthier lunch with more fruit and vegetables had a marked effect on children’s behavior in the afternoon sessions. They were calmer and altogether more focused.
  • Homeopathic remedies using such ingredients like Hyoscyamus, Versa alb and Arsen iod  and so one are much more effective and without any side effects at all. Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winner in Immunology says that we should be much more open minded about homeopathic medicine. The pharmaceutical companies think otherwise and have even paid for research to show that these are nothing more than highly diluted substances.
  • Helping a child through ADHD benavior therapy is done, not with meds, but with helping to set limits, sticking to them, having proper routines and an ADHD friendly home. These will help a child enormously over time and should not be underestimated at all. 
  •  Children are usually much calmer when they have spent some time doing physical activities in the open so plenty of green time can be beneficial. Much better to do that than allow them use their electronic media at home!
 Check out what natural treatments for ADHD are available and how you can help your child to cope with life at school and at home.

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