Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Could Vitamin D Be The Next Cure For Cancer?

I have just been reading the latest news reports on a natural cure for cancer. Yes, it has been found and not by some charlatan either! The work has been done by the research team at the University of Alberta in Edmonton , Canada. The actual cure is a simple drug which is already in use to cure disorders of the metabolism. The drug is called dichloroacetate, a non-toxic chemical and known as DCA for short.

Do you know what the problem is ? Do you know why the FDA will never bother to approve it ? The answer is the patent because it cannot be patented so it is of no use to the pharmaceutical companies. It would just not make enough profit at all. The infuriating thing about this is that there are no side effects and it has actually been shown to be an effective cancer treatment. It can actually cure cancer!

As regards the use of Vitamin D as an effective and valid cancer treatment, the FDA seems to be waking up and there are now over 380 clinical trials taking place to see if this is really a valid cure for cancer instead of chemotherapy.

They are looking at how Vitamin D whether through sun exposure or administering it orally can be used to treat any type of cancer including skin cancer. We shall see what the results of these experiments are. The National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health are collaborating as well.

In the meantime, we can all get our daily dose of sunshine and make sure that our levels of Vitamin D are fairly constant throughout the year.

Now this makes a pleasant change from the normal FDA policy of shutting the door on all natural cures. This is brought out very well in Dan Haley’s book called ‘The Politics of Healing’. They actually banned ten cures, eight of which were for cancer. Subsequently he wrote about another two cures for cancer which worked and these were also suppressed.

The New York Times reports that cancer drugs, not cures are big business! “Virtually every large pharmaceutical company seems to have discovered cancer, and a substantial portion of the smaller biotechnology companies are focused on it as well. Together, the companies are pouring billions of dollars into developing cancer drugs."

It look as if Vitamin D might just might be the next breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

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