Monday, 12 December 2011

Treating ADHD In Children

Why on earth shouldn't parents go on treating ADHD in children with psychostimulants ? After all,they are mostly safe drugs and they are prescribed by doctors, who presumably know what they are doing ? Yes, this is true and these drugs DO work in calming down children and helping them to concentrate at school. What is the problem ?

As these drugs (mostly amphetamines, by the way, which are classed as Schedule II drugs!) are stimulants, they not only stimulate the brain, but the heart as well! So, there are risks of heart problems ,especially in children predisposed for that sort of condition.

It also poses the question about giving children a drug which could lead to substance abuse,. If this was not the case, amphetamines would be freely available, but they are not. There are very sound medical reasons why this is so. There must be a better way of treating ADHD in children.

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