Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Help For The Hyperactive Child

There has been much debate about how food can affect a child's brain. This is true as researchers have shown. It is now known that carbohydrates will increase glucose levels which in turn will affect serotonin. Serotonin, if it spikes, as a result will interfere with the other neurotransmitters and that will cause havoc. Results are inattention, restlessness and extreme difficulty in focusing.
Best way to help a hyperactive child is to make sure that his breakfast has protein as a main element plus carbohydrates for energy.

Other ways a hyperactive child can be helped are :-

1. Organise 'green time' activities - outdoor activities.
2. Parenting skills can be learnt from others - ADHD blogs and forums are great sources of help.
3. Find out what ADHD medications are available and especially their side effects. Be aware that 3.3 million Americans are on these drugs which are based on amphetamines and the side effects are often dramatic - heart attacks, seizures and sudden death.

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