Thursday, 11 December 2008

SAD Therapy- Is Light Therapy Effective ?

If you are suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), then the fall and the winter are difficult times for you. This disorder (which has been described variously as mild depression, depressive disorder or even mild bipolar disorder) is basically a mood disorder and it can be easily treated by the use of

Genetics and age seem to play a role in selecting SAD sufferers. Generally though, women seem to suffer more than men (four times as likely) and it usually begins to affect people at a fairly early age (early twenties).

Needless to say, light and especially sunlight are crucial for our biological rhythms- so that waking and sleeping are dependant on the amount of light available. It is when this pattern is disturbed or affected (eg shorter days in the fall) then some people are liable to suffer from depression, insomnia, irritability and overeating. The same thing happens when our body rhythms are disturbed during a long flight and will produce similar symptoms although fortunately it is short lived but can ruin a holiday or a business trip very often.

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