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Signs Of Teen Depression

The incidence of clinical depression or major depression as it is commonly known is on the rise and has assumed the position of the number 1 psychological disorder in the western world. What is more alarming is that the issue encompasses people across regions, communities and age groups, with teen depression posing the biggest problem. Any aware parent will be anxious to discover possible signs of teen depression and will be on the alert for them.

Studies regarding transmission and control of diseases reveal that the relative incidence of child depression is 2.5 percent in children and 8.3 percent in adolescents. A study sponsored by NIMH estimates that more than 6 percent of children between 9 to 17 years suffer from some type of depression that lasts for six months and 4.9 percent have major or clinical depression.

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The age of onset of depression is becoming lower. It has also been revealed that teen depression usually occurs along with other mental disorders like disruptive behavior, anxiety or substance abuse or physiological ailments like diabetes. Studies also indicate that teen depression persistently recurs and is likely to continue into adult life, posing major problems with normal functioning.

There is an increased risk of teens developing suicidal tendencies, especially when depression is accompanied by behavioral disorder, alcohol and substance abuse. A decade ago, suicide was the third leading cause of death among 10 to 24 years olds. NIMH reports estimated that 7% of adolescents suffering from clinical depression were likely to commit suicide.

With such startling statistics it is imperative that parents have an insight in to what causes depression in young children and the early symptoms to look out for. Teen depression is considered to be the result of modern day pressures and the self-focused attitudes that most parents tend to have.

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Depression is a prolonged feeling of despondency and sadness that lasts for a considerable amount of time. Depression can manifest in different ways in individual cases, varying from a lack of interest in playing with friends, isolation, extreme sensitivity, irritation or absence from school. Suicidal tendencies are often marked with talks of death, leaving home and indifference towards erstwhile prized possessions.

Teen depression is now on the radar of researchers involved in understanding mental disorders. There are numerous ways of providing teen depression help through psychological therapies including short term cognitive and interpersonal therapies. Although newer antidepressant drugs like SSRIs are considered to be safe and effective, only larger trials can establish which treatment is best suited in individual cases.

Parents can play a major role in providing an environment that is conducive for teens to grow, feel secure and happy.

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