Sunday, 4 May 2008

Boost Your Metabolism

By Herman Dias

Losing weight can be impossible for some people. No matter what diet the have they just cant lose weight.

Maintaining your body weight and losing weight is not an easy task. For this reason you need to work on boosting your metabolism.

Metabolism is the processes through which your body converts food into energy. The faster your body is capable of metabolizing energy, the more effective any weight loss program will become. A high metabolism will also help to ensure you can avoid dieting, and still maintain your body. Genetics are partially responsible for the way your body needs and uses energy. There are, however, some simple ways to give your metabolism a boost.

Here are five tips to help boost metabolism and foods that speed metabolism.

1. Build Muscle - You can boost your metabolism by building some muscle. Muscle cells require more energy than the fat cells, so it converts the food into energy faster. Five pounds of added muscle may boost your resting metabolism by as much as 100 calories per day.

2. Aerobic Exercise- Due to intense physical activities, calories are burnt faster. this can have a lasting effect, where more energy is used to repair cells and build muscles. this can last for upto 24 hours

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3. Eat Bananas - Potassium helps to regulate body water and boost metabolism slightly. Eating a banana will give you about 450mg of this naturally occurring substance.

4. Eat Fish (Essentials Fatty Acids) - Fish have fatty acids, DHA and EPA, have the power to boost your metabolism. According to the studies 300mg of each of these substances can boost your metabolism by upto 400 calories per day.

5. Add a little Spice - Peppers, capsaicin, have a chemical that can boost metabolism for up to three hours. Spice up your meal and your body will burn calories faster.

Your body needs to burn calories for you to lose weight. Apart from having foods that speed metabolism it is important to know the secret to burn body fat.

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