Monday, 28 April 2008

How To Lose Weight Naturally

By Jason Oh

Want to know how to lose weight naturally? Plan to eat well and plan to train well. Below are 5 simple tips on how to lose weight naturally.

1. Treat food as neither your friend, nor your enemy, but as sustenance. Before you eat anything, ask yourself -'Do I want it, and do I really feel like it? Will I enjoy it?'

2. Eat the right carbs - refined carbs such as high sugar soft drinks, cakes, biscuits and pastries lacks nutrition. Limit these foods to once a week and non refined carbs such as wholegrain cereals, oats, wholegrain breads, wholemeal pasta, fruit, vegetables and legumes.

3. Reward yourself - each time you achieve one of your mini goals, reward yourself with things like shoes, perfume, a manicure, a movie or something you enjoy rather than clothes. Save buying clothes till you reach your final goal.

4. Set small goals, so that you gain a sense of achievement and feel like you're making progress. For example, in the beginning, make it a goal to go from 108kg to 105 kg. And make it a goal to do something positive each dat - like drinking 2 pieces of fruit a day or walking that extra kilometer for the week.

5. Don't eat the same meals every day - just mix it up to maintain motivation - and make it enjoyable. Give yourself a favorite treat each week, like a piece of mud cake. No diet is perfect - but as long as you enjoy it in moderation. Just make sure you get straight back to your plans and exercise.

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Now these are just some of the tips to get you going. But before you try anything, consult your doctor. Remember fat loss will not occur over-night. By making the changes to improve your health, you will lose weight over-time! Now this is how to lose weight naturally for bigger results!

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