Monday, 14 April 2008

Hoodia Facts - Beware Before You Buy

By Kay Brown

Although quite a rare plant, the Hoodia cactus has become very famous in a relatively short space of time; the potential of this plant is even getting experts excited. Of course it was only a matter of time until the diet industry added Hoodia weight loss products to their range; increasing numbers of people who want to shed pounds are using products containing extracts of this plant. Its origins are not a secret but its primary growing place is not known to many people that use it on a regular basis.

Hoodia is from the cactus family and there are thirteen in all. Only one variant, the Gordonii, possesses the ability to suppress appetite. almost completely, when eaten. For many years a natural solution to suppressing the appetite has been sought and it looks like this cactus can achieve what medical science has so far failed to achieve.

For quite some time this remarkable cactus was studied by scientists and trials carried out on people to ascertain how effective it really was at suppressing the appetite. In fact a group of workers with the BBC while on tour, each consumed a leaf of Hoodia. Not one of the suffered any ill effects or felt an urge to eat for the remainer of the day.

People fortunate enough to use Hoodia weight loss products that contain extracts from this plant do not experience any ill effects when used. This cannot be said for other types of appetite suppressants.

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Not only does it suppress the desire to eat but it also ensures that the correct amount of energy is supplied, so the user does not become tired as happens with some other products.

Wonderful as it is, it does not mean that you should stop eating healthily or drinking regularly. For people with unnaturally large appetites that are prone to putting on weight then the Hoodia weight loss pill is a safe way to control the desire to eat; although, it would not be healthy to stop eating altogether. Ideally, this is how Hoodia should be used, especially in obese people, just to control how much they eat.

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An important point to note is that products for weight control that have genuine extracts of Hoodia cost quite alot because the cactus is not readily available. You may think you are lucky when you find an internet site selling Hoodia weight loss products with genuine extracts at low prices.

Be aware that many of them are forged, containing little or no real extract at all. Buying cheap Hoodia extracts is not only false economy as you cannot produce this product cheaply, but you do not actually know what is being used as the substitute.

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