Monday, 3 March 2008

If You SMELL, Read This !

Let's not beat about the bush ! You have a smell (pong, bad odour problem.... lots of eupehemisms for this !!) so here are 7 (SEVEN !) SWEATY FACTS.

1. I knew a guy who smelled so bad during the Step session at the gym, that there was a sort of large NO-GO area around him so he had, like, lots of space to do his own thing ! If you find that people are a little distant (LOL!)- not just in giving you frosty looks but also that there are very few people around you .... well, you have a problem !

2. You know the ad where the guy who is in the gym takes off his sneakers and everybody around him swoons- because of the overpowering odour. Seen any people fainting around you recently ?If you have then you are in big trouble.

3. What causes it ? Why me, O Lord ??. Your air-con system (sweat glands - you cannot do wthout them ) have to get rid of a lot of debris so when it gets hot, they dump a load of moisture and other junk that are not needed. Now the actual moisture (perspiration or SWEAT does not actually smell at all) when left for a while turns into a sort of bacteria which begin to grow (yuk!) and they start to smell (or make their presence felt) !

4. That is disgusting - well let's move on ! Well, it's getting worse. If you absorb a lot of TOXINS, then they are going to produce even MORE foul smelling bacteria. You eat lots of toxic stuff, you are exposed to lots of toxins (eg. the malodorous air of our beautiful cities !) and even house cleaning products so while your house may be spotless, you may not be so sweet smelling !

5. You EAT lots of smelly stuff as well - well, any organism would have trouble in camouflaging
spices from the Orient (now you know why they were used to preserve meat before they invented fridges!). not to mention smelly onions, garlic and even coffee!!

6. Now if you have always been smelly then that is your problem, not mine ! But if you notice that there is suddenly a problem and you have not changed your eating habits or even other nasty habits, then there might be an underlying health condition. But it could be also due to puberty or menopause ( two particularly nasty stages that should be eliminated from the evolutionary process!!)

7. OK.... I have nearly finished . Now before you reach for your favourite deodorant spray, just be AWARE that most of these contain pretty nasty things as well so you are not contributing to a nice GREEN environment. They contain aluminium (nasty light little metal !) polethylene (just nasty), talc (not the nice kind!) and dimethicone (no idea what it is and I do not really care !).

So why not think of a NATURAL REMEDY FOR SWEATING - where the products will not harm you, the air around you and it might help you to make a few new friends and keep some of your old ones ??

So why not find out more by reading this article I wrote. Actually it may be boring so I will not be at all offended if you do not even finish it ! All you have to do is scroll down to the end and get the link and start doing something about this awful problem that you have!
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