Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Smart Choices To Reduce Calories

Here are some ways to cut calories while you are confronted with endless parties and buffets.
(Don't leave left overs at home - take them to the office so that your nasty colleagues can get fatter and fatter while you remain slim !)

GO for WHITE meat - If you see delicious dark bits of turkey, go for turkey breasts instead - reduce your calories here about 100 calories
FORGET cranberry sauce- opt for a fruit flavoured jelly - 200 calories less !
AVOID things like chocolate fudge - try fruit (any fruit you like) dipped in a light chocolate syrup - again here you could save up to 100 calories.
KEEP AWAY from pecan pie - go for pumpkin pie if you can - up to 200 calories less.

Keep up your exercise regime and don't worry too much - there are lots of smart ways to keep the calories down but the best way of all is to GO FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET

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