Friday, 28 December 2007

No More Boring Chicken

As a fitness enthusiast, chicken is probably a standard food item on your dinner table. And for good reason! It's an inexpensive, versatile, easy-to-cook, low-fat, high-protein food choice that goes well with other foods.
What else can you ask for? Well, chicken can get a little boring if eaten day in and day out. There's only so much you can do with barbeque sauce! So we've gathered 10 tips and recipes to spice up chicken and make this mainstay a whole lot tastier.
As A High Source Of Protein,Chicken Is A Staple In Any Bodybuilders Kitchen.
Tip 1 Marinating
For a richer flavor, season and marinate your chicken for 24 hours before cooking and store it in the refrigerator.
The longer you keep chicken in a marinade, the more it'll be infused with flavor.
Tip 2 Healthy Marinating
To keep meals healthier, marinate chicken in seasoned fruit juice or chicken broth instead of oil-based marinades before grilling or broiling. Always store chicken in the fridge while it marinates, even if you only plan to let it soak for 30 minutes.
Tip 3 Seasoning
Use bold seasonings like freshly grated lemon peel, minced hot peppers, fresh herbs, and infused vinegars to add flavor to chicken dishes without adding fat.
Use Bold Seasonings To Add FlavorTo Chicken Dishes Without Adding Fat.
Tip 4 Non-Stick Skillets
Sauteed chicken tastes great, but can be fattening if you use oil or butter. Instead, eliminate the need for oil and butter by using a non-stick skillet. Trim all visible fat from cuts of chicken and add some onions, green peppers, and spices.
Tip 5 Cooking Thermostat
Drying out chicken by overcooking it can ruin its taste. To get around this problem, use a cooking thermometer to determine when your chicken is cooked just right. The internal temperature of a whole chicken should reach 180 degrees F and chicken breasts should be cooked to a temperature of 170 degrees F.
Another way to see if chicken is done is to pierce the thickest part of the meat to see if the juices run clear. If they're clear and not pink, the chicken is ready.
Tip 6 Skin
When baking a whole chicken, it's best to keep the skin on to avoid drying out the meat. The skin helps hold in the juices and flavor of the meat. It can be easily removed after cooking.
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