Monday, 19 November 2007

Stop Smoking In Three Minutes!

Just got back from Naples- a city I know very well, having lived there for some time. The craziest thing happened while I was there! The city council passed a law forbidding smokers to smoke in the public parks near children under 12 years of age and pregnant mothers !! Well, no notices were up in the parks and people seemed a little bemused, to say the least. How far away should you be from the little kids or pregnant moms? Nobody seems to know. Many people were interviewed on TV and opinions ranged from :-
1.Why this law when the city has enormous public health problems from uncollected rubbish, dirty streets and public health services not working, not to mention smog from traffic (Sunday was No-Drive Sunday in an effort to reduce the smog).
2. The law is rarely enforced so this will be another one for the collection.
3. Nobody seems too concerned about all the little kids who grow up in homes where both parents are heavy smokers ! That will be the next law ! Watch this space !!
In the meantime, here is a site I can recommend for smokers who might want to give up. And if you don't , just go for a walk in the park and make sure you keep away from all those kids and pregnant moms!

Here is a site I can recommend if you want to give up smoking.


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