Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Magnolia Bark And Bad Breath !

Here is a great video about using a tongue scraper which will help you prevent bad breath!

Latest research carried out by a well known mint company have found that the extract from the bark of the magnolia tree may well be the answer for killing off bacteria in the mouth which cause bad breath.They carried out tests which showed that when this substance was used in a mint, it killed off almost 60% of the bacteria which cause this awful smell compared with about 4% in a normal mint. Here on the right is a winter scene that reminds me of fresh things like sweet smelling breath!

If you suffer from bad breath, you are not alone. Experts now say that this is a major social and psychological problem which affects the majority of the population, Yes, it is that bad ! But babies, cats and dogs also suffer from the same problem.

While we are waiting for this new wonderful magnolia bark mint to solve bad breath problems we may have to look for other more immediate solutions. Apart from oral hygiene and other short term measures, you may want to look at the site below which will explain all abut bad breath and offer a lasting solution.


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