Friday, 2 November 2007

Fed Up With Health Warnings?

After yesterday's World Cancer Research Fund report, there were lots of interesting reactions on the forums and message boards across the world. I began to wonder if some people are beginning to turn off because they are suffering from 'health message fatigue'!!

I have divided the reactions into four main camps. The first one is the one where people say , why bother , when your number is up, you have to go and that is it. Why spoil the fun and go on and on about all these food and drink warnings. Truly a case of eat, drink and be happy, for to-morrow we die. I thought the funniest comment was from a guy who wrote : "What is the point of dying fit and healthy?"

The second camp were very resentful and claimed that they worked so hard that it was impossible NOT to buy prepackaged junk food and anyway they did not have the time to chop up all those vegetables to put in the wok ! They also asked why is it that all the normal food we eat, like bread, bacon and beer is bad for us ?

"Being alive has a 100% death rate - guaranteed !" This was the next group who were resigned to dying - rather like the ones who say "Life's a bitch and then you die". This group didn't seem that happy with their lot - maybe now that it is autumn, they are suffering from SAD (seasonal
affective disorder) ! Some were so cynical that they suggested that governments should not bother too much about all these obese people given that it was such an expense to keep them alive. Better to let them die off !

The next group were very up- beat - these were all the fit ones who looked great, felt wonderful and absolutely basked in the comments from their nearest and dearest about how WELL they looked. These are the ones who take all those health warnings seriously! But they did point out too that there were so many good things to eat, that really it was no problem to choose the good stuff. This crowd sounded as if they were really enjoying themselves but not without a few sacrifices!

The final group were very sensible and made a few suggestions. How about these - ration red meat and alcohol? Offer vouchers for fruit and vegetables? What about cleaning up the environment -surely air pollution and all those toxins are more damaging to our health ? Others are convinced that we are brainwashed by the junk food industry and it is all a dastardly plot to remove us from this planet before we cost the nation too much!

Somebody also remarked that the exact date of your death is written in your DNA. I would rather not know! Depending on which camp you are in, you may find the link below a great
help or just one big yawn! If the latter, you can go back to being a couch potato!


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