Monday, 1 October 2007

Stress And Breast Cancer

Stress can lead to all sorts of problems. Do you feel on top of your job ? Or is your job on top of you ?? Researchers have carried out extensive research on a group of Swedish women and the results have just been published. This study took 14 years to complete and involved 36,000 Swedish women. They were aged from 30 to 50. 767 volunteers. after the 14 year study, had developed breast cancer. In investigating these cases, they found that if the women were in stressful jobs or felt that they were not on top of their jobs, then they were 30% more likely to develop breast cancer. The women who felt more stressed or were in such demanding jobs that their stress levels rose, were at most risk. The figures fell sharply for women who felt at ease with their jobs or who did not feel that stress in the workplace was a problem. Interestingly enough, no link was found between stress and cancer in women who were working part-time.

Researchers really do not know why stress should increase the risk of cancer. Estrogen levels do rise with stress and it is well known that this is a contributory cause of cancer. They still do not know why estrogen levels rise when stress kicks in. There are other contributory factors too which were all taken into account such as age, weight, number of children and alcohol consumption.


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