Friday, 26 October 2007

Hillary Clinton Likes French Fries!

Obviously Hillary Clinton was not too worried about her diet when she stopped at a roadside eatery the other day and had French fries and a ground beef sandwich. Hardly a great example for the nation. She said she had a weakness for French fries ! For somebody campaigning for public health insurance, not exactly a great advertisement for healthy eating. The photo shows
the leftovers from the 'meal' (lol!) but she did have unsweetened iced tea!

As for myself, I can only say that I have enjoyed excellent health for over thirty years now and I am convinced that this is due in no small way to the Mediterranean diet I have followed. Living in Italy meant it was a natural choice! But apart from my own personal experience, there are lots of studies which show that the Mediterranean diet does indeed lower the risk of heart disease and even cancer rates. French fries (or freedom fries) are not exactly a prominent feature of this diet and with good reason. Many pre schoolers who were surveyed and had eaten lots of French fries then were at greater risk of getting cancer according to the Nurses' Health Study published in the International Journal of Cancer. The Mediterranean diet has been studied for a very long time now and is regarded as one of the healthiest options around. It is simple, tasty and not at all difficult to master the recipes.

The Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece and southern Italy have always had a long dietary tradition of good food based on natural healthy ingredients. This now forms the basis of the Mediterranean Diet which has become famous all over the world. Why is it so famous? Partly because many scientific bodies, such as Harvard University, have carried out extensive research which shows that this diet is effective in reducing the risk of heart attacks and lowering cancer rates as well.

Are you interested in eating healthily without these fussy finicky diets where you have to weigh everything and calculate calories as well ?

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