Monday, 29 October 2007

Five Tips To Beat Stress

Did you know that as many as 1 in 3 people suffer from extreme stress on a regular basis ?

That really was a surprise for me. Not surprisingly, work and money were at the top of the list as being the main causes of stress and then fairly closely followed by family, children and health problems.

The American Psychological Association has just published a report which they carried out on stress and its causes.

The most shocking figure I think was where I read that up to 70% of the people who are stressed out know that they should or could get help from professionals and yet only a miserly 7% actually got help. Managing stress is mainly a skill that can be learnt, fortunately.

Here are 5 tips to help beat stress and get out of the jungle (alive !)

1. Identify just WHAT is causing the stress. Could be an on- going situation or an event associated with work etc.

2. Sit down and list the symptoms you suffer from when you are stressed out. This is great for
helping you to go on red alert when it happens. Symptoms vary from individual to individual but common ones are muscle tension, headaches,palpitations and inability to think straight.

3. Analyze your behaviour in a stressful situation. Are you making things worse ? Learn how to say 'NO' and learn to defend yourself when people or work make impossible demands.

4. Learn to cosset and spoil yourself . Carve time out for yourself- go for exercise, relaxation , massage, gym, exercise or just a walk round the block.

5. Find a sympathetic listener, preferably those closer to you sentimentally. You need support so seek it out.

Find out how a fellow sufferer managed to get out of the stress jungle. Loads of good advice and just down to earth ways to combat stress :-


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