Friday, 12 October 2007

Bickering Harms Your Heart

Breaking News tells us about a very interesting British study just released in the October issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. This study showed that those people who indulged in constant bickering with their nearest and dearest increased their risk of having a heart attack by up to a third. Now we all know that social relationships have an enormous influence on our health. Lonely people or those who are not in a loving supportive relationship are more likely to suffer from health problems. This study certainly demonstrates this.

The study asked 9,000 British civil servants to give details about their primary relationship.
The study then followed them for 12 long years and monitored their record of heart disease.
The first thing they noticed was that the sex or social class of the interviewees had no effect at all on the incidence of heart disease. They did find that those who were undergoing stressful situations or were forced to bicker with their partners/spouses were subject to more worrying and anxiety which in turn had physical side effects which were damaging their hearts.

Counselling and training can help, of course. There are lots of ways we can protect our hearts- first and foremost by trying to improve the quality of our social relationships especially in the primary one. Secondly, we can make sure we relax to lessen worry and tension. There are a wide range of activities from exercise to massage to relaxation therapy. Thirdly we can look at our diet and the most studied diet is The Mediterranean Diet. If you want to really give your heart a rest and a boost, try this diet which has been proved over and over again that it will protect your heart and improve the quality of your life .

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Iron-Man said...

Taking it easy is harder than it sounds. Then again, if we just ignore all the people that create stress, then maybe they will die off of their own stress?

The Wellness Bible said...

Let us hope they all die off soon !