Tuesday, 11 September 2007

How Can I Live Longer - The Role Of Vitamin D

I have just read that by taking Vitamin D or Vitamin D supplements, you can increase your chances of living longer - well by 7% ! Well, it all helps.

As we know taking Vitamin D is good for a whole number of reasons to help you through your long life ! The only problem is that Vitamin D is not found in it natural form in very many foods. The main ones are :- milk, soy and cereal grains and mushrooms - see the photo above -pasta with wild mushrooms! Actually in America, you will find a lot of cereals, yogurt, pastries and bread have been fortified to reduce the risk of Vitamin D deficiency, for example you find Vitamin D2 and D3. Fortified milk is also common.

Why is Vitamin D so important ?

It helps bones not only to grow but to stay strong and healthy by regulating the calcium in the blood and helping to re-absorb it into your body. It can benefit your immune system as well and can be effective as an anti-tumour agent.

You need to get out in the sun more ! Well, this depends where you live- I live in Italy so I have no problem with this - lucky me ! Your skin when exposed to sunlight produces its own supply of Vitamin D !

Experts say that there is no need to take vast quantities of Vitamin D supplements - it is calculated that 400 -600 IUs daily is more than sufficient.

What about all the other vitamins and minerals you should be taking ? Not to worry- you can find all these nutrients in several easy to take superfoods which will boost your immune system, your energy levels and protect you from ageing and help you to live longer.



Lenore said...

Vitamin D is important but taking responsibility for your diet and exercise, in general, is way more important. One of America's health care problems is that we think pills can do anything. I just read a blog about the disconnect between Americans' belief that prevention of disease is the best way to control health care costs and their actions. Unfortunately, when you look around, you don't see many people who are trying to prevent disease. We are overweight, under-excercised and over-medicated. Let's wake up people! Here's where I read the post: http://www.seekwellness.com/

The Wellness Bible said...

lenore has a good point! But sometimes we need to be aware of a few benefits that vitamins can bring, not forgetting to eat sensibly and exercise often.