Monday, 24 September 2007

High GI Carbs Cause Fatty Livers

A US study just published in the Obesity magazine (Sept 2007) shows that all those high GI carbs such as white rice, cereals are not good for our livers. In fact they say that they can cause fatty livers which can lead to hepatitis and that can sometimes be fatal. Did you know that the French "pate' di foie gras" (means pate' of fatty livers!) is made from ducks and geese fed on high GI(glycemic index) carbs. Lots of children who are becoming obese are already affected by fatty livers which means that they are at high risk of developing serious liver diseases when they grow up. this happens because these foods spike the blood sugar quickly because the starch in them is broken down real fast. Not only that but it shoves up the production of insulin and tells the body to store more fat. it also places great stress on the liver. Result ?- a nice fatty liver !

Clinical trials show that this trend can be reversed by just changing our diet. Low GI carbs are most vegetables, fruit , beans and some unprocessed grains. The starch in these foods are digested much more slowly and the blood sugar rises slowly as well - a much healthier option.

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