Thursday, 27 September 2007

Alcohol Ups Breast Cancer Risk

Breaking news suggests that a few alcoholic drinks a day- let us say three? - will increase the risk of breast cancer in women - just as bad as smoking a packet of cigarettes! And it does not matter which is your favourite tipple - it can be beer, wine or whisky- the fact is that the amount of alcohol consumed is the key factor. Some people believed up to now that it would depend on which type of drink you like to imbibe but it is the quantity that counts.

Breast cancer , although the death rates are dropping, is still a killer. Worldwide, it will affect 1.2 million people this year alone and will kill 500,000.

As regards heart protection moderate consumption of alcohol seems to be a good element as the alcohol tends to aid the production of good cholesterol. That is the good news. The bad news is that ethyl alcohol contained in any alcoholic drink increase the risk of breast cancer.

Researchers who looked at the drinking habits of over 70,000 women from all ages and ethnic backgrounds found that those who consumed up to two drinks a day were increasing their risk of getting breast cancer by 10% when compared with those women who had less than one drink a day. When the women drank more than three drinks a day, then the risk jumped to 30%.

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