Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Stop Food Cravings

Are you trying to get rid of food cravings and having no luck? Do you snack more times in the day than is good for you ? Would you like to reduce the amount of food you eat during your meals? Why do you have to go on a strict diet and spoil all the fun ?

Here are some tips to help tame your appetite:-

1. Always keep a glass of water handy. I find that if I wake up at night and am heading for the fridge, a glass of water placed strategically helps to stop me in my tracks !

2. I try to eat fruit before a main meal - let us say about half an hour beforehand. This helps to fill you up.

3. Brush your teeth straight after eating- this helps you to stop snacking afterwards- i.e. having a piece of chocolate. The minty taste of toothpaste seems to reduce my food cravings.

All the gurus tell you to eat slowly- well so slowly in fact that they say it takes about twenty minutes for the stomach to tell your brain that it is full! Imagine waiting 20 minutes between one helping and another ! As this is hardly practical, I would just suggest you eat slowly.

5. Everybody tells us that we should NOT be doing another activity while we are eating. Why ?
Because apparently eating in the car or while watching TV distracts us so that we tend to eat more than if we were just giving all our attention to eating.

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